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Have a heated garage? Check this product out...

If you keep a heated garage throughout the winter you may want to look into this product. It is called a ThermoTrak and helps keep the warmth in. It is a set of garage rails that replace your existing ones. They are pre-formed to your garage door specs and pull the door tight to the jamb when it reaches its down position. As the garage rollers come down they encounter a slight bend in the rail at all roller locations that pulls the door forward and up against the jamb creating an air-tight seal. A lot of warm air escapes around a garage door which equates to dollar bills escaping your wallet.

Here is a short video that illustrates how these work. This system is also good at keeping out pests as the garage door is the primary path for pests to get into the garage. If you have a garage that sometimes has water intrusion through the door area this system may help too as the floor seal will likely stop some of this from occurring. We see a lot of goofy inventions for homes but this one seems like a winner to me. For around $200 you can make a big improvement on your garage door.

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