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Handyman Services

Finding it difficult to find someone to do one-off small projects? A lot of contractors do not have the time nor the desire to deal with a project that may take a couple hours to complete. This is where we step in, we can make quick work of your projects in a professional, insured, workmanlike manner. Feel free to give us a call or fill out the submission form to the right with your needs.  You can upload photos of your needs as well.

Common Repairs:

  • Brick Molding Repair

  • Railing Repair​

  • Siding Repairs

  • Deck Repairs

  • Door Install

  • Fixture Install

  • Fence Repair

  • Suspended Ceiling Repair

  • Hanging Shelves

  • General Maintenance Items

  • Etc, Etc.

Fee Structure:

To the right is our project submission button, please send us details and photos if possible we will put together a bid for you. Some work is bid on a project basis and some by the hour. Our minimum fee is $150 which includes the first hour of labor. Labor time after that is billed at $100/hr (anything over 4 hours, all hours are billed at $100/hr). If incidental materials are needed or you need us to pick up materials for your project the material run fee is $50. Cash or check is preferred, payment by credit card incurs a 3% fee added to the total bill.  

**Please note we are not a licensed building/remodeling contractor so there is some work that we cannot
do. For more extensive projects you may need to
engage a licensed building/remodeler contractor. *We will not perform repairs on issues we discovered in our home inspections in the prior 12 months.


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Project Submission

Let us know what you need done!


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We will get back to you ASAP!!

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