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Keyed interior locks... don't do it.

If you have a keyed deadbolt lock on the interior side of an exterior door I would suggest replacing this with a hand-operated deadbolt. If these are used they can be a major safety concern to the occupants of the home. Why is that? In the case of an emergency if you do not have the key there is no way to open the locked door. Case in point… A fire starts in the middle of the night in the mechanical room. This room is located right below the stairs. Fire has engulfed the stairway and the only keys for the basement door are located upstairs. You can’t get to them. Now the basement door to the exterior is locked and you can't get out. If you are an adult it might be easy to walk over to a window and break it out. What if you are a 5 yr old? Window glass can be surprisingly strong and this combined with the panic of a fire situation could result in disaster for young children. Spend the $50 and get a typical deadbolt with a handle on it so it can be opened easily.

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