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Stop the Bypass...

If are installing recessed lights in your ceiling don't overlook what these cans are going to do to your attic conditions. A recessed light housing can add substantially to the temperature of the attic space as heat radiates off it. Increasing attic temps is not desirable especially in Minnesota in the wintertime. As attic temps increase the probability of the snow melting on the roof surface is increased. This will likely result in ice dams over the eaves as this meltwater runs down and refreezes at the edge of the roof. Installing recessed light can covers can help combat this. These sit down over the top of the can and seal to the back of the ceiling. Some recessed cans can be buried in insulation but they still radiate a good amount of heat and can allow air to bypass through and around them. There are numerous styles and materials available for this application and are recommended in most situations.

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