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Our Mission.... Your Peace Of Mind.

Simply stated that is what we are after. We want you to know what you are buying and be comfortable
with that. Some houses will have many issues and some just a few, our goal is to bring these to light so
there are no big surprises down the road. We are certified through the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and we offer excellent reports that allow you to break out an itemized list of repairs to
help in negotiations, provide 360 photos of the interior of the home, and use thermal imaging during the inspection. We may charge slightly higher than other inspectors out there but when the inspection is over we feel the value you received will be worth it. Just check out our reviews...


Inspection Fees

Credit Card Payments subject to 3% fee

Single Family Homes

Alternate Inspections

  • 0' - 1000 = $400

  • 1001' - 2000' = $435

  • 2001' - 3000' = $460

  • 3001' - 4000' = $500

  • 4001' - 5000' = $550

  • 5000'+ Call for quote

  • High-End Custom Homes add $100


*Sq footage is based on the above grade sq footage and full foundation sq footage added together. 

  • Townhome = $400 (+$50 for 2,000+ sq ft)

  • Condo (Apt Style) = $350

  • Duplex = $500 (+$75/addl units)

  • Water Testing = $175

  • Sewer Scope = $225

  • Level 2 Chimney Inspection = $225

  • Intrusive Moisture Testing = Call for Quote

  • Wood Foundations = $350

  • Mold Testing = Call for Quote

Radon Testing

  • With an Inspection = $200

  • Without an Inspection = $225


Your Inspector

Lanny Freng


I look forward to working with you! There is no better job satisfaction than assisting buyers on one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. I have been a home inspector since 2004, I am certified by ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and also licensed with the state of MN for radon testing. Experience is of utmost importance for a home inspector. I have remodeled three of my personal homes and am in the process of building a log cabin in northern MN. This experience is key to understanding how homes work. Its one thing to see it on paper, its another to actually do the work. Continuing education is key in this profession as home construction is always evolving. I have taken numerous classes regarding different systems of the home to stay on top of ever-changing components. In my off time, I enjoy snowmobiling, spending time up north with family and friends, tinkering in the shop, and flying when possible. 


Report Sample

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